Fish Fossils Show Sex Originated In Scotland

Microbrachius dicki – which lived in ancient lakes – is the first-known animal to reproduce by having sex instead of spawning. Ancient armoured fish pioneered sex as we know it some 385 million years ago in what is now Scotland, scientists say. The Microbrachius dicki – a bony 8cm-long fish which lived in ancient lakes […]

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Hurricane Gonzalo Alert Cancels UK Flights

Bit rough here in my town, Very rough in Southport Lancashire my son rang to tell me just now. Flights, trains and the morning rush hour are all expected to be disrupted as the weather system lashes Britain. Thousands of passengers are facing travel disruption after Heathrow cancelled 10% of its flights due to storms […]

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Web Trolls To Face Two-Year Jail Terms

I agree with Chris Grayling. People have died using social media because of whats been said about them, was even a case where a troll was found to be living and that person committed suicide..its just toooooooo crazy a world we live in when one can’t have peace of mind to spend time as one […]

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New South Wales Hit By Freak Snow Storm

Its coming to a town near us next…I hope not. More than 14,000 homes across New South Wales are left without power after a massive storm battered the Australian state. New South Wales in Australia has been hit by a freak snow storm leaving thousands of people without power and motorists stranded in floodwater.

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