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No more news untill further notice, could be a few days due to moving home.

Its old post, but no ordinary Tree House..Ocean facing tree house, it does’nt get better than that!!

Is the treehouse the pinnacle of sustainable living?

(CNN)Many a child spent their youth scrambling up trees and building secret dens in the branches.

In an instant, plain-planked interiors propped in the trees transformed into faraway lands, forts and hideaways.
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(CNN)It’s the time of year for the mesmerizing phenomenon “firefall” to illuminate Horsetail Fall in Yosemite National Park.
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This should be available in every town, every district. Talk about dodge the poo…its shocking in some places. Thoughtless dog owners who probably have children but could not care less about other kiddies belonging to others who play out.

Whoever does this is a disgrace to society >> carry a bag and pick up your Ch1t!

Most people own a big dog, even two for some people.
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(CNN)In the history of Western art, the erotic has long been hidden, ignored or condemned.

For centuries, one had to look to mythological or even religious works for representations of the naked body, even a mere breast — a nude Venus, goddess of love and beauty, in Ancient Rome, or Adam and Eve as symbolic representations of sin in paradise.
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9 reasons to visit Penang that have nothing to do with street food.

(CNN)Say “Penang” and images of street food and heritage buildings pop into most people’s minds.

Truth be told, if I’d spent my eight years living on this Malaysian island just because of the capital George Town’s great eats and atmospheric shop houses, I’d either be seriously overweight or completely blind.
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Who’s the mystery child in this 103-year-old Floating Hospital photo?

(CNN)His face is known to all who work at the Floating Hospital for Children in Boston and familiar to many in the community — but nobody can tell you his name.
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Stay Awake; for you do not know when I am Coming for you'.

We Did Not Know He was Coming For Her.

Pauline: Missing you everyday, loving you forever, my sweet sister.

If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane , I would walk right up to heaven and bring you back again.

The greatest gift our parents gave us..was each other.