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‘Polar Plunge’

‘Polar Plunge’ ushers in coldest air of the season.

(CNN)Record-breaking wintry temperatures are gripping the eastern two-thirds of the country, signaling that this could be one of the coldest seasons in years.


‘Cold Kills’ Warning As Temperatures Fall To -7C

BBC weather did not say -4 which it is right now. I looked late yesterday evening and it said -1 at 5am. Like I said its now -4 but with sun thank goodness..

Keep warm, eat as well as you can. Soups, stews currays etc. Put on the heating or light the gas fire […]

Hottest September Day

Hottest September Day In More Than 50 Years Forecast.

Warm air from the continent is expected to send temperatures soaring by up to 32C in parts of the country.

Britain could see its hottest September day in more than 50 years this week with parts of the the UK set to be hotter than Madrid […]

Heatwave Alerts

We are not used to such high temps but we may have to expect them in future. The climate is changing be it natural or otherwise. If you hAve an airconditioner use it, better still if its mobile to use room to room, a timer would be great also.

I am ok, I have two […]

La Nina

Can La Nina save the world from record hot temperatures?

(CNN)–July was the world’s hottest month ever, according to NASA, the tenth month in a row to break temperature records globally. But help may be on the way in the form of a developing La Nina weather pattern — it just may not arrive until […]

Severe Weather Warnings

Severe Warnings As More Heavy Rain Forecast.

The Met Off issues several warnings as heavy showers are expected to continue across much of the country.

Severe weather warnings have been issued for large parts of the UK, with heavy rain expected to continue over the coming days.