Six people who died in the horrific attack in Manchester have been identified -- they include an 8-year-old girl and two teenagers.


****Charles will make Camilla his Queen, expert says. ****
"Lets hope not, and lets not forget how these two caused our Princess so much distress."

Hello: why is Edward poking his nose in royal affairs all of a sudden? He obviously crept from out of the woodwork somewhere Another useless lazy idle royal who we pay to do just that..nothing!


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Two New Child Saints

Pope Francis creates new children saints on visit to Portugal holy site.

The pontiff declared the elevation of the young shepherd siblings, a century after they are said to have seen the Madonna.


Pope Francis Recognises Second Mother Teresa ‘Miracle’

Pope Francis has recognised a second miracle attributed to Mother Teresa, clearing the way for the Roman Catholic nun to be made a saint next year.

The miracle involved the healing of a Brazilian man with several brain tumours in 2008, the Vatican said.

Mother Teresa died in 1997 and was beatified – the first […]


Pope Releases Debut Album Wake Up.

Pope Francis has a new album coming. News from our early review: He doesn’t actually sing, but you’ll like the single…hmmm…I will probably buy it.

On Nov. 27, Pope Francis will release “Wake Up!” a collection of his speeches set to music. While much has been made of Francis’ […]

Pope Warns Of ‘Critical Moment’ On Climate

The pontiff raises the alarm on global warming as he is greeted by thousands of fans with pomp and ceremony at the White House.

Pope Francis has warned the world is at a “critical moment of history” in the fight against climate change as he was welcomed to the White House by President Barack Obama.