Who’s The Mystery Child

Who’s the mystery child in this 103-year-old Floating Hospital photo?

(CNN)His face is known to all who work at the Floating Hospital for Children in Boston and familiar to many in the community — but nobody can tell you his name.


Children Can Say The Funniest Things

Hillary Clinton offers this inspiring advice to a 7-year-old who wanted to be called ‘Lillary’ Ha! Lillary..

On the night the first woman ever secured enough delegates to win a major party’s nomination for president, Jennifer Rosen-Heinz watched her little girl jump around their living room in Madison, Wis., in celebration. Seven-year-old Lilly’s enthusiasm for […]

Volunteer’s Joy After Finding Missing Toddler

Two-year-old Rainn Peterson is found soaking wet and covered in flies after going missing for nearly 48 hours in Ohio.

Audio footage has revealed the “goosebumps” moment a volunteer found a missing toddler during a 48-hour search in Ohio.

Rainn Peterson, two, was found soaking wet and asleep in a field around a quarter of […]