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:: Anyone concerned for loved ones from the London Fire can call an emergency hotline on 0800 0961 233.

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London Tower Block Evacuation: 4,000 Displaced

This just gets better every time I watch the news. The Government promised Grenfell would never happen again under their watch > last night people were asked to move out amid safety fears. Other residents were only given one hour to grab what they could. People are still very angry, Grenfell residents have been moved […]

Grenfell Tower

Grenfell Tower cladding is banned in UK, Government says.

It was the cheaper version. There was another version, this was ‘FIREPROOF’…Grenfell was not.

The firm involved in the renovation at Grenfell Tower denies the cladding was banned as the material comes under fresh scrutiny.

*But the anger will continue and you and others will be […]

Grenfell Tower fire

Carrying on from the fire news I wrote earlier..

I know from the sudden loss of my sister in 2015 people in London will demand answers, they will feel anger. Grief begins immediately but the end: everyone copes with grief differently > In a way I was lucky and kissed goodbye the day before my […]

London Fire

Its been horrific! It seems the outside was made up of a cladding type material, its not known what started the fire.

The cause is unknown, what is known is how grateful we are to the fire service who got there within six minutes after several desperate calls. Also the police and Ambulance. the […]

West London Fire

Heard about this in the early hours on the radio, I thought at first it was a terror attack it being in London but no thank goodness. Dreadful loss of life all the same.


Protected Corridors

Tucked away in a residential corner of south-east London, Blackheath Park is neither well signposted nor easily located on a map.

Yet this tourist non-spot has an incredible asset — a strikingly unspoiled view of central London, spanning many of the city’s iconic landmarks from the gleaming 21st century Shard to St Paul’s Cathedral, built […]