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No more news untill further notice, could be a few days due to moving home.


9 reasons to visit Penang that have nothing to do with street food.

(CNN)Say “Penang” and images of street food and heritage buildings pop into most people’s minds.

Truth be told, if I’d spent my eight years living on this Malaysian island just because of the capital George Town’s great eats and atmospheric shop houses, I’d either be seriously overweight or completely blind.
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Most of these pictures were retrieved from a collection of floppy disks (remember those?) dating back to 1996. I was researching the history of my hometown, Prai, in earnest at the time and spent weeks AltaVista-ing,

Yahoo-ing and Lycos-ing (those were the pre-Google days, after all) like crazy.

*I most certainly do. Lycos in particular.
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Stay Awake; for you do not know when I am Coming for you'.

We Did Not Know He was Coming For Her.

Pauline: Missing you everyday, loving you forever, my sweet sister.

If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane , I would walk right up to heaven and bring you back again.

The greatest gift our parents gave us..was each other.