****Charles will make Camilla his Queen, expert says. ****
"Lets hope not, and lets not forget how these two caused our Princess so much distress."


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Saturn’s Moon Enceladus

Astronaut: NASA discovery sparks my dream of intelligent life beyond Earth.

(CNN)NASA announced this week exciting results from a spacecraft observing Saturn’s moon Enceladus and Jupiter’s moon Europa. Equipment on the Cassini probe detected some of the required conditions and building blocks for life on both moons.


Indian Cities

NASA’s night time satellite images show huge growth of Indian cities.

(CNN)New satellite imagery released Thursday by NASA shows the vast growth of Indian cities in recent years.



Amid plenty of political turmoil on Earth on Thursday, NASA and the European Space Agency quietly released the latest photo of Jupiter taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.


April Fool’s Day Ccomet

April Fool’s Day comet to pass closest to Earth in a century.

A comet, being playfully called the April Fool’s Day comet, is set to make its closest approach to Earth in more than a century on Saturday, NASA has said.


Andromeda Galaxy

The matter we can see around us makes up just 5% of space. The rest is made up of dark matter, an invisible substance, and dark energy, a force that pushes the universe apart and acts as a channel for dark matter and matter to interact.



Since early 2016, a NASA-employed Science Definition Team (SDT) of 21 researchers has been crafting a plan to send a robotic probe to Europa, an icy moon of Jupiter, located over 390 million miles from Earth. On February 7th, that team delivered their first report to NASA, detailing their recommendations for that future mission, which […]