'Hammond: We realise Brits weary of austerity. How would you or your kind know??

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:: Anyone concerned for loved ones from the London Fire can call an emergency hotline on 0800 0961 233.

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Beatles First And Only Contract

Beatles first and only contract with Brian Epstein sells for £365,000,

The Beatles’ only contract with boss Brian Epstein, signed in 1962, went anonymously for £365,000 at a Sotheby’s sale in London.

The contract that launched the Beatles as one of the most successful bands of all time has been sold for £365,000 at auction […]

Apple Has A Creative Idea

Whether you’re using a device made by Apple or any other company, most smartphones and tablets work the same way — you use the touch screen for input tasks such as typing, swiping, and tapping.

While touch screens work just fine for most things you typically do on your phone, it can sometimes be […]

Scots Are So Obsessed By..

Scots are so obsessed with the weather they have 421 words for snow..ha ha!

LONDON — “Snuee,” “snaw” and “spitters” — these are just some of the hundreds of words in the Scottish language that relate to snow, confirming the country has an obsession with talking about wintry weather.

See also: This is what it’s […]

Proud Wonga Teenager

I hate these robbing blastards!

Its not just Wonga but all payday lenders. Pounds To Pocket are the same, all charge extortionate Interest rates. Pounds To Pocket have a sister site in QuickQuid.

Teen with mental health problems wanted to be a doctor but refused to take loan from pals after his benefits were stopped.



Fidgeting Can Cancel Out the Bad Effects of Sitting All Day,

Do you fidget? I do; I have always been a Fidgeter. Its probably Fidgeting that keeps my weight down.

Finally, some good news for those of us who sit for a living. Sitting is basically the new smoking.


Get Fidgeting

Finally, some good news for those of us who sit for a living

Sitting is basically the new smoking.

An ever-growing body of research is showing that being sedentary and sitting for long periods of time are linked to poor health consequences, including a laundry list of risks for conditions ranging from obesity to heart […]