'Hammond: We realise Brits weary of austerity. How would you or your kind know??

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:: Anyone concerned for loved ones from the London Fire can call an emergency hotline on 0800 0961 233.

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Britain ‘Invaded’ Australia

Did we…hmm…I never did like history at school…boring. There is some history I do like to read though like yesterday I read some Charles Darwin.

I like the history of plants, history of evolution etc.


Jean Charles de Menezes

Jean Charles de Menezes family loses European court fight.

The family of Jean Charles de Menezes has lost a human rights challenge over the decision not to charge any UK police officer for his fatal shooting.

The Brazilian was killed at London’s Stockwell Tube in 2005 by police who mistook him for a terror suspect.


Fossilised Skull Of Siberian Unicorn Is Discovered

The fossilised skull of a strange beast called the Siberian unicorn has been discovered.

The skull of the Elasmotherium sibiricum was found in Kazakhstan and has altered the viewpoint of paeleontologists on when this bizarre creature last roamed the Earth.

The details of the find are documented in a report in the American Journal of […]

Fossil Gives Glimpse Into Spider Evolution

I hate Spiders, they are sneaks that climb crevices. They bite..I do a nightly Spider watch before I hit the pillow..

The 305 million-year-old arachnid suggests the predecessors of spiders lost their tails and then developed fangs and limbs.

A 305 million-year-old arachnid which will help scientists to understand more about the early origins […]

Medieval Ring

Why the British and French are feuding over a medieval ring.

At a medieval theme park in western France, there now sits an old bauble of great value. It’s a 15th-century ring, gold-plated, with three engraved crosses and an inscription that translates to “Jesus Maria.” Its supposed owner was none other than that great French […]

What We’re Doing To The Earth

What we’re doing to the Earth has no parallel in 66 million years, scientists say.

This story has been updated.

If you dig deep enough into the Earth’s climate change archives, you hear about the Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, or PETM. And then you get scared.