'Hammond: We realise Brits weary of austerity. How would you or your kind know??

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:: Anyone concerned for loved ones from the London Fire can call an emergency hotline on 0800 0961 233.

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Kevin Gallacher

Kevin Gallacher: Dithering over new manager will cost Blackburn Rovers in the transfer market.

Of course it will. Also who wants a club anyway with owners who refuse to speak to a manager even if there was one in situ about summer spending and out of contract players?

Bloody pathetic foreign owners who simply want […]

Gorilla Shot Dead After Boy Falls Into Zoo Moat

*The zoo must share the blame for the death of one of the most awesome Gorillas in the world – the Silverback – The parents must also share the blame.

*A boy so small should have had a wrist lead on him at the very least, and the zoo should have afforded better public protection. […]

Crocodile Snatches Woman During Night Swim

Crocodiles like all wildlife have always an eye open for the next meal, never underestimate wildlife.

An Australian MP says it is impossible to “legislate against stupidity” after a woman is taken by a croc while swimming at night.

A woman who went night swimming off a beach in northeast Australia is missing after she […]

Common People

‘World’s biggest’ bouncy castle arrives..Its mega..

Festival-goers are being invited to have a go on what is claimed to be the world’s largest bouncy castle.

The organisers of Common People commissioned the inflatable structure for the event on Southampton Common on Saturday and Sunday.


Another One Enters The Arena

Gibraltar In Stark Warning To Brexiteers.

The territory’s chief minister believes Spain could make a power grab if Britain votes to leave the EU in the June referendum.

*What the hell has United Kindom voting to do with other countries? We will make our own decisions when we go to the polls but to be […]

Winnie The Pooh And The Royal Birthday

A beautiful story,

Its a celebration of her Majesty’s birthday, also young Prince George gets a balloon. Its a very beautiful Pooh Bear PDF.

The Illustrations are also beautiful.