'Hammond: We realise Brits weary of austerity. How would you or your kind know??

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:: Anyone concerned for loved ones from the London Fire can call an emergency hotline on 0800 0961 233.

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Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon Crash Kills 16 People In Texas

The balloon’s pilot Skip Nichols is among those who died in the crash, which is likely to be one of the deadliest on record.

A hot air balloon has crashed with at least 16 people on board in Texas, and officials say there are no survivors.


English Bulldog

It may be English is origin and I do see why people want to keep it but its ill bred to the point of almost suffocation.

Crossing the English Bulldog with another breed is the best way to ensure its survival, scientists have argued.



Scientists find cancer in million-year-old fossil.

Cancer may not be so modern after all.

Though we typically think of it as a new affliction attributed to bad habits, bad luck or longevity, a surprising discovery has revealed that the disease existed in human ancestors more than a million years ago.


Moroccan Zoo

Looking at the picture it looks more like an Orangutan!

A seven-year-old girl has died after she was hit on the head by a rock thrown by an elephant.

At CNN it IS an elephant so why use an Orangutan Image on Huffington Post?

She had been with her family at a zoo in Rabat, […]

Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge Leads To ALS Breakthrough

New treatments could be developed after donations raised by the viral charity stunt lead to the discovery of a new ALS gene.

Money raised by the viral charity campaign where people poured a bucket of ice water over their head has helped researchers discover a new gene associated […]

Charity Boss

Charity Boss’ Prince George Comments Probed

Angela Gibbins is alleged to have criticised Prince George for his “white privilege” and for living “on public money”.

Yes they are the ‘privilege few’ in our country; without our support they would be ordinary people but they take liberties as Charles, Kate and William do when it costs […]