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Pope Releases Debut Album Wake Up.

Pope Francis has a new album coming. News from our early review: He doesn’t actually sing, but you’ll like the single…hmmm…I will probably buy it.

On Nov. 27, Pope Francis will release “Wake Up!” a collection of his speeches set to music. While much has been made of Francis’ dropping a prog-rock album, that’s not entirely the case. Producer and musical director Don Giulio Neroni told Rolling Stone that in making the album, he tried to be “strongly faithful” to the personality of His Holiness, “the pope of dialogue, open doors, hospitality.


Lest there be any confusion, the pontiff does not sing or play an instrument on “Wake Up!” His presence is confined to recorded excerpts of his public (and rapturously received) speeches. Much of the music is arranged to support these spoken word passages, and it aspires to be appropriately immense. At times, the sweep and simplicity of “Wake Up!” makes it resemble the soundtrack to “Titanic.” Only one song could be called prog-rock, and in saying that, I’m so sorry to disappoint.

Francis uses many languages to communicate his message. “Wake Up!” features only one piece in English. The rest are in Latin, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. In each we hear a righteous man, confident with the masses, affable and yet authoritative in his delivery. There can be no doubt that his various messages — about environmentalism, faith, equality and compassion — are sincerely held and movingly delivered. His record, however, doesn’t…


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