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Weather Yesterday

Our weather reached a whole new level around 16.00 GMT late afternoon yesterday…argeeeeeeeee!

I went for an medical appointment around 1pm; It did’nt rain as I went to the bus stop which is round the corner from my home literally, I even got to my appointment without getting wet. Got to my destination just twenty minutes or so away from home, I was still dry and thought this is great seeing as the sky looked dubious.

Well there is only so much luck at this time of year with the weather has its been of late. I came out the appointment door and lash, right in my face came the coldest gale I have been in for a long time. Wind and rain battered both me and the brolly which had to be recycled as I went. Like all mad down pours its over the minute it wets you through.

Did a bit of shopping then went for the bus home. When I was sat waiting for the bus to set off I was looking at the sky which was turning a right nasty navy blue towards black…… 😆 😆

But it was’nt funny. When I got off the bus I was met with pouring rain, freezing rain with a gale force wind and hail to boot. I managed to get home but dripping wet, dizzy from the gale whipping my face and head, my hair was dripping like I just showered. My boots were soaked through and needing a dry and my forehead was stabbing pain from the cold. My fingers were red raw because I left my gloves in another coat pocket.

Whilst out at the shops after the appointment I bought new gloves and a warm hat. I still need a brolly, next time I will wear my other coat that has a fur trimmed hood.

Keep safe, keep warm and dry everyone!


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