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Captain Cook’s Ship HMS Endeavour ‘Found’

Marine archaeologists say they believe the three-masted bark is among a cluster of wrecks scuttled off Newport Harbor in 1778.

Marine archaeologists in Providence, Rhode Island, believe they may have located the wreckage of Captain James Cook’s ship Endeavour.

Scientists have been trawling the ocean floor around the coast of Providence for decades.

They knew Endeavour was likely to be one of 13 ships scuttled in 1778 by the British navy in order to blockade a channel during the American War of Independence.

But after they uncovered new documents from the National Archives in the UK, the research team were able to narrow down the location of the Endeavour to within a two square mile area of ocean off the coast of Newport harbour.

The marine archaeologists believe there are five ships there, four of which they have already mapped.

Now the search is on to find the fifth wreck, which will be followed by intensive work to prove which of the five ships is Endeavour.

Lead investigator Dr Kathy Abbass told Sky News..


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