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Princess Eugenie’s wedding plans on hold as damp row grips Kensington Palace.

The Queen’s granddaughter Princess Eugenie has had to put thoughts of tying the knot on ice as she has become embroiled in a row over renovations at Kensington Palace, according to reports.

The princess, 26, is believed to want to move into the royal home before saying “I do” to boyfriend, Jack Brooksbank.

The Duke and Duchess of York’s youngest daughter has been dating Brooksbank for six years and while an engagement has yet to be confirmed, she has been photographed sporting a diamond ring on her left hand.

Last year Brooksbank met with the Queen at Balmoral, fuelling speculation that he was asking the monarch for her blessing and that wedding bells were imminent.

It may be the princess’s father, Prince Andrew, however, that he needs to work on.

If Eugenie or her older sister Beatrice have children with non-aristocrats or non-royals then their offspring will be without>>


A source told the Sunday Express that Eugenie and her family are keen to avoid footing the whole themselves.

*And so why should we pay your housing costs* PAY for it yourselves, you don’t even do any work yet get paid FROM THE TAXPAYER. Where do the royals think we get the money from for their lavish lifestyles?

*William and Kate’s renovations cost thousands. Its not a bottomless pit the civil list cash.

rong>In crises: but the royals do not give a damn: NHS, Council Tax to increase for the elderly care. Police, council tax, Austerity, benefit cuts. Millions wanted for Buckingham Palace, millions wanted for the House Of Commons and now you want a share…get out to work,, in the real world.

The Civil List is taxpayer’s money used to fund the Queen’s duties as head of state. It pays for the costs of staff and running the Official Household.

*Grandchildren not mentioned!

For the year 2001-2002, civil list spending came to £8.153m, an increase from £6.509m in (2000). But Buckingham Palace says that in real terms the expenditure represents a 1.3% saving after inflation. 2002.

The increase was met by transferring monies from a reserve established in 2000. Almost three-quarters of the Civil Lists costs are staff salaries with the equivalent of 284 full-time employees on the books.

Buckingham Palace says the Civil List enabled the Queen to meet 2,300 official engagements, entertain 70,000 at functions and handle some 50,000 letters or other items of correspondence.

*Grandchildren still not mentioned!


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