Six people who died in the horrific attack in Manchester have been identified -- they include an 8-year-old girl and two teenagers.


****Charles will make Camilla his Queen, expert says. ****
"Lets hope not, and lets not forget how these two caused our Princess so much distress."

Hello: why is Edward poking his nose in royal affairs all of a sudden? He obviously crept from out of the woodwork somewhere Another useless lazy idle royal who we pay to do just that..nothing!


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Manchineel Trees

Get reggae for the time of your life Dee O’Keeffe befriends small birds and green monkeys during her trip to the Caribbean paradise of Barbados – just don’t go hugging the trees!

The manchineel trees’ peaceful existence along the Caribbean beaches of Barbados is representative of the way of life on this beautiful island.

Although it is considered to be one of the most dangerous trees in the world, the Barbadians, whose economy largely depends on tourism, leave the trees right where Mother Nature placed them, allowing the ecosystem to tick along with minimal interference.

You are warned on arrival of the dangers involved should you touch the tree or its fallen apple-like fruit (any contact burns layers of skin). The trunks all have a red ring painted around them or a big ‘x’ and hotel staff comb the beach each morning for any fallen fruit – the rest is up to you.

My first stop on the island was the Almond Beach Resort in Speightstown, located along the north-west coast and the Caribbean Sea. This is perfect for families, groups and indeed solo travellers like myself. In fact, the ultra relaxed vibe at the resort makes meeting people easy. And there are many activities on offer if lounging by one of the six swimming pools or positioning yourself on the white sands of the stunning beach are not for you.

The Almond offer two land tours as well as two>>


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