Six people who died in the horrific attack in Manchester have been identified -- they include an 8-year-old girl and two teenagers.


****Charles will make Camilla his Queen, expert says. ****
"Lets hope not, and lets not forget how these two caused our Princess so much distress."

Hello: why is Edward poking his nose in royal affairs all of a sudden? He obviously crept from out of the woodwork somewhere Another useless lazy idle royal who we pay to do just that..nothing!


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Frog Slime

YUCK…but could save a life!!

Frog mucus might seem like the kind of flu remedy a witch doctor would suggest, but in the future, more respected medical professionals could be prescribing it.

Researchers at Emory University have found that certain peptides excreted by frogs can fight off human flu strains, and they could be used as emergency stand-ins during flu outbreaks when regular vaccines aren’t available.

Made up of short chains of amino acids, peptides are essentially mini-proteins, and they perform a variety of functions in the body. Some peptides are antimicrobial, playing a role in an animal’s immune system, and although they generally only benefit the species that’s producing them, the Emory team wanted to see if these flu fighters could carry across to humans.

“Different frogs make different peptides, depending on where their habitat is,” says Joshy Jacob, co-author of the study. “You and I make host defense peptides ourselves. It’s a natural>>


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