Six people who died in the horrific attack in Manchester have been identified -- they include an 8-year-old girl and two teenagers.


****Charles will make Camilla his Queen, expert says. ****
"Lets hope not, and lets not forget how these two caused our Princess so much distress."

Hello: why is Edward poking his nose in royal affairs all of a sudden? He obviously crept from out of the woodwork somewhere Another useless lazy idle royal who we pay to do just that..nothing!


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Venkys Lineup At Blackburn Rovers

From the Rovers website.

Directors: Robert Coar, Gandhi Babu
Finance Director: Mike Cheston (#Cheston needs to go)
Director of Football & Operations: Paul Senior (gone)
Club President: K.C. Lee
Vice Presidents: I.R. Stanners, G.R. Root, M. Jeffries

Assistant Manager:
First Team Coach:
Goalkeeping Coach:
Head of Academy: Eric Kinder

Club Secretary: Ian Silvester
Head of Commercial & Marketing: Greg Coar
Head of Media & Communications: Rob Gill
Ticketing Manager: Sharon Metcalfe
Head of Community: Gary Robinson
Supporter Liaison Officer: Lynsey Talbot

#VenkysOut #DirectorsOut Venky or her brothers don’t have a clue about football or running a football club.

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