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Chimp Smugglers

Ivory Coast jail sentences for chimpanzee traffickers.

Two men have been sentenced to six months in prison in the first case of wildlife trafficking brought in Ivory Coast.

An Ivorian government lawyer said the judgement “sends a signal” that animal trafficking is being taken seriously.

The men were arrested while trying to sell an infant chimp to a BBC reporter posing as the representative of a wealthy Asian buyer.

Chimpanzees are in such sharp decline they are listed as endangered.

Those in West Africa are judged to be critically endangered.

Since Ibrahima and Mohamed Traore have remained in prison since their detention last December, they are deemed to have already served their sentences and are therefore free.

*Lets hope they learnt there lesson*!! Its not like it would live outside its own environment, it won’t.

CREDIT: David Shukman, Science editor, BBC SCIENCE

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