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:: Anyone concerned for loved ones from the London Fire can call an emergency hotline on 0800 0961 233.

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West London Fire

Heard about this in the early hours on the radio, I thought at first it was a terror attack it being in London but no thank goodness. Dreadful loss of life all the same.

I cannot Imagine how anyone feels to know they will die by fire. It brought back memories of the people jumping to certain death in the twin towers attack, that day I watched them jumping on TV knowing they were never going to make it.


  • 24-storey Grenfell Tower in west London destroyed by fire:
  • Fire service confirms fatalities but has not provided figures:
  • Blaze broke out around 1am:
  • Council leader tells Sky News ‘hundreds’ would have been inside:
  • 30 people taken to hospital:
  • Witnesses have described people throwing themselves out of the building:

A lot has been said about the cladding that has been put on the outside of the building.

Sky News has been told that Rydon, a construction company, delivered an £8.6m upgrade to the 24-storey Grenfell Tower as part of a £57m borough-wide regeneration in Kensington & Chelsea, London.


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