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Low Blood Pressure?

*I used to have low blood pressure: it can make you dizzy which made me panic when I had an episode. Some people might call it Vertigo. I woke up one night extremely dizzy and got up in a panic to get some air. it was no better outside as cars and lamp posts were spinning round. I called the doctor and he gave me a tablet and stayed with me till it subsided.

I curled up into a ball in a chair till morning scared stiff of moving an inch. In the morning I went to my sister’s house and never went home again. I moved after two years with sis into sheltered accommodation after attending classes of how to handle what they thought was a major panic attack. I still get the panic attacks but I don’t let them get out of control. There was only one time I had another ‘biggie’ and that was in a restaurant after eating Chilli I was burning in my mouth, tongue and gums and I panicked and wanted the air out doors. I could hear my son saying ‘breathe mum breathe’..awful feeling!

If you are close to anyone suffering a panic attack they need a brown/white paper bag to breathe into and out till their blood and oxygen returns to normal.

The Report

Recently, a sudden diagnosis of low blood pressure alarmed me. Discussing it with colleagues over lunch, one mentioned, “There is nothing serious about low blood pressure. You should be thankful it isn’t high blood pressure.” This statement got me thinking if that’s really the case.

While it is clearly documented as to who will fall under the high blood pressure category, there is no such quantification for low blood pressure. It can vary from individual to individual. Delhi-based Dr Suranjit Chatterjee, an Internal Medicine Doctor at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital clarifies, “Honestly, low blood pressure has immense importance to no importance. An incidental finding of low blood pressure may ideally not be a cause of worry. A lot of young people come to me with a>>


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