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Gannet Bonanza On Yorkshire Cliffs

A gannet bonanza has been confirmed on the towering cliffs of Yorkshire by research from the RSPB.

A survey shows the cliffs around Flamborough Head and Filey are home to 412,000 seabirds including gannets, puffins and razor bills.

Since 2000, the number of gannet pairs on the cliffs has shot up from 2,550 to 13,400.
But the charity warned that overall seabird numbers in the UK are faring badly.

It wants funds for a full national census, but says research money from government is hard to find.
The RSPB is celebrating the gannet invasion, though. The clumsy clamouring birds are attracted by plentiful nesting sites on a 17-mile stretch of cliffs up to 400ft high.

lying time, which allows them to make multiple trips to secure food for their young.
The RSPB’s scientists are trying to>>

CREDIT: Roger Harrabin, BBC Environment Analyst

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