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Wildlife Seized

A man smuggling two baby orangutans, 51 tortoises and six raccoons has been arrested at the Malaysian border.

Ismail bin Ahmad was passing through a Malaysian border checkpoint when the animals were discovered in plastic boxes and suitcases in his car.
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The Invasive Plant Species

Potential house-buyers in our towns and cities, as well as our countryside, face hidden and costly post-purchase repercussions from an innocuous-looking non-native herbaceous plant.

Botanist and ecologist Dr Frances Giaquinto says Japanese knotweed is a rampant threat now prevalent in every county in Ireland. In the last year she has seen dozens of serious infestations of the plant species in the gardens of private residences both in rural locations and in Dublin.
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Nicol Ends A Difficult Week In Dubai

Dubai: Nicol David may have crashed out of the Professional Squash Association (PSA) World Series Finals at Dubai Opera with three straight defeats on Thursday, but she was just happy to have pushed through after the death of her physio last week.
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What Does It Really Mean To Be A Man?

What does it really mean to be a man?

(CNN)Masculinity has always been a shifting concept. The history of man is littered with examples of provocateurs and puritans who have fought a seemingly endless battle over what it is to be one.
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Scientists Find Clouds Full Of ‘Ice-Lollies’

Researchers reveal the bizarre concentration of cool cloud-clinging confections as the UK experiences a heatwave.

Scientists have discovered clouds full of ‘ice-lollies’.
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Medicine Information Leaflets ‘Too Scary’,

They certainly are…scary. Have you seen such a leaflet in your medication, do you actually read that leaflet I do and sometimes return the meds back to the chemist. If they were not so long on mine I would list them here but four pages is ridiculous.

There is too much focus on the potential side-effects of medicines on information leaflets inside packs and not enough on their benefits, says the Academy of Medical Sciences.
Its new report calls for them to be rewritten to give a more balanced view.
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